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  • May 4, 2016
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Who or What is the Star?

Stellar-“of or relating to a star or stars,” “featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers,” “exceptionally good, outstanding.”


During the past 30 years, I enjoyed working in a medium sized franchised office, a medium sized independent office, the largest (at that time) real estate office in Tennessee, and a boutique office including the owner and me! Variety really is the spice of life.

That variety provided me with skills and experiences that made me a better agent and a better broker.

In early 2016, I knew that the time had come for me to use those skills in a different way. Stellar Homes was born!

Why Stellar Homes? The name was chosen for multiple reasons. First, my desire is for each house that I market to be a star! While preparing the house for the market, I discuss with the seller how the house can be best presented to prospective buyers. I earned a diploma in interior decorating and know how to present a house positively for  buyers. When the house is ready, I make high-quality photographs that present the star quality!

And, it is my goal to assist buyers find an “exceptionally good, outstanding” home. I am not a sales person. Instead, I function as a consultant to buyers. I listen, I research, I present, I listen some more, I assist, and I congratulate the new home owners!

Do YOU have a stellar home that you need to sell? Contact me and let’s get it sold!

Do YOU have a less than stellar home that you need to sell? Contact me and let’s give it a stellar glow and sell it!

Do YOU want or need to buy a stellar home? Contact me so that we can find your star quality new home!

Author: Marilyn Robertson

My first career was teaching choral music. Though I spent 30 years in the classroom, I never lost interest in housing and decorating/design. I had started drawing floor plans when in junior high school. The years that I spent in the 4 H Club room improvement project through high school kept the interest alive. My first job was in sales. I found that helping a person find that perfect purchase was rewarding to me. After I started teaching I sometimes worked in sales during the summer. I REALLY wanted a career in real estate-helping clients with the biggest transaction ever, whether they were a seller or a buyer. The year our son started college, I became a REALTOR. While I still am involved in music activities in the community, the 30+ years that I've spent in real estate have been the most fulfilling of my life. Involvement with buyers and sellers and being active in professional organizations have kept me current and successful. I welcome the opportunity to assist you when its time to buy or sell!