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  • Jun 10, 2018
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Marilyn Robertson Designs

I drew floor plans in junior high school. The Room Improvement project was one of my favorites in 4-H Club in high school. I learned to use the elements of design and to create design boards which were entered in competitions.

Unfortunately, the college I attended did not offer a degree in interior design. However, I remained interested in design. Though I was not a true DIY, I planned and designed what others did at our house! I did make draperies, valances, cornices, swags, pillows, dust ruffles, and even machine quilted a coverlet. The bathrooms benefitted from my shower curtain and valance and machine embroidered towels.

Some of the walls were painted by professionals, but I did many myself. Selecting and mixing colors gave me pleasure. Friends and family asked for my opinions when they decorated.

While I did these projects for my own fulfillment, I taught choral music, raised a son, and became a real estate Broker and owner of my company, Stellar Homes. Creative juices were channeled in garden club activities including both design and gardening.

At a time when friends were retiring, I decided it was time to act on that dream from years ago! I studied online, received a diploma and am now the proud owner of Marilyn Robertson Designs!

I find that my two firms complement each other. For years I suggested to sellers ways to improve their homes before marketing them and helped buyers visualize how to make a house their home. But, I’ll gladly help someone I’ve never met turn a house into their dream home!

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Author: Marilyn Robertson

My first career was teaching choral music. Though I spent 30 years in the classroom, I never lost interest in housing and decorating/design. I had started drawing floor plans when in junior high school. The years that I spent in the 4 H Club room improvement project through high school kept the interest alive. My first job was in sales. I found that helping a person find that perfect purchase was rewarding to me. After I started teaching I sometimes worked in sales during the summer. I REALLY wanted a career in real estate-helping clients with the biggest transaction ever, whether they were a seller or a buyer. The year our son started college, I became a REALTOR. While I still am involved in music activities in the community, the 30+ years that I've spent in real estate have been the most fulfilling of my life. Involvement with buyers and sellers and being active in professional organizations have kept me current and successful. I welcome the opportunity to assist you when its time to buy or sell!