Lots of Learning Going On!

learningEducational facilities in the Johnson City/Kingsport area range from pre-school to medical school and pharmacy school! There are city school systems and county school systems, as well as private schools and church related institutions. Those who choose to home school also have an organization.

Some high schools offer extensive college preparatory curricula including AP classes in several subjects. Others have strong technical programs, while still others have award-winning agricultural departments.

The state of Tennessee prepares a “grade card” for each school system in the While this will give you a general idea of how well students did on a standardized test, I encourage you to visit the web sites of the individual schools, as well. After all, test scores don’t tell it all!

Because residents within the cities in the area pay both city and county property taxes, students may attend a county school while living in the city. However, since county residents don’t pay city taxes, tuition is charged for county students attending city schools. Assignment is sometimes on space available.

Institutions for higher education are abundant in the area. Students can select from a state-funded university including a college of medicine and a college of pharmacy or a state-funded two year community college. Four year colleges funded by various churches are also available.

In addition to the schools mentioned above, the Johnson City Public Library,,the Kingsport Public Library, various locations of the Washington County Public Library and the Sullivan County Library provide educational resources. Community residents can also get permission to use the ETSU library.

One of the most outstanding educational venues in the area is the Hands On Museum in Gray. This children’s museum has permanent and rotating exhibits for the enjoyment/education of all age children. Family memberships are available as well as tickets for individual 

I taught in the Johnson City Public School system; my husband is a Professor at East Tennessee State University; our son is a product of the public school system. I know that there are some great things going on in the schools in the area. Explore a bit and, if your family has educational needs, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect solution!

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