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  • May 4, 2016
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Who or What is the Star?

Stellar-“of or relating to a star or stars,” “featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers,” “exceptionally good, outstanding.”


During the past 30 years, I enjoyed working in a medium sized franchised office, a medium sized independent office, the largest (at that time) real estate office in Tennessee, and a boutique office including the owner and me! Variety really is the spice of life.

That variety provided me with skills and experiences that made me a better agent and a better broker.

In early 2016, I knew that the time had come for me to use those skills in a different way. Stellar Homes was born!

Why Stellar Homes? The name was chosen for multiple reasons. First, my desire is for each house that I market to be a star! While preparing the house for the market, I discuss with the seller how the house can be best presented to prospective buyers. I earned a diploma in interior decorating and know how to present a house positively for  buyers. When the house is ready, I make high-quality photographs that present the star quality!

And, it is my goal to assist buyers find an “exceptionally good, outstanding” home. I am not a sales person. Instead, I function as a consultant to buyers. I listen, I research, I present, I listen some more, I assist, and I congratulate the new home owners!

Do YOU have a stellar home that you need to sell? Contact me and let’s get it sold!

Do YOU have a less than stellar home that you need to sell? Contact me and let’s give it a stellar glow and sell it!

Do YOU want or need to buy a stellar home? Contact me so that we can find your star quality new home!

Author: Marilyn Robertson

After putting my husband through graduate school and raising a son ready to leave for college, the time was right for me to pursue a long held ambition to become a Realtor. I was a teacher; I enjoyed helping others and I REALLY wanted to help make the dreams of buyers and sellers become realities. So, in 1985, I took the leap! I continued to teach and went from school to my office each day. I had a Broker who provided training and encouragement. I had friends who supported me and provided referrals. Before I retired from teaching in 1994, I was one of the top producers in the Tri-Cities of northeast Tennessee. Since that time, I have been a Managing Broker for a large office and a Trainer for another . I have continued to list and sell--to help buyers and sellers realize their dreams. Currently, I am Broker Associate at Lifestyle Properties, a Boutique Real Estate Firm having two experienced Brokers whose goal is to enable buyers and sellers to live their desired lifestyle.